I read quite alot, and most of my reading are online blogs/news/comments. I found them very interesting for what people really have to say about life. Since I grew up in a unique environment, so I don’t understand (a lot of) why people do and think certain way. The comment basically blew me away for its uniqueness, and I didn’t know how to react. It’s so out of this world crazy, so I like to share it. The comment is posted about Craiglist erotic legal stand with South Carolina AG. The article reading from Techcrunch blog, and the comment is:

Well, I love America. But…

Anyone with half a brain would know that although America advocates freedom of religion, America is in fact a Christian nation. As long as the bible is here, you simply will not escape the people trying to make a name for themselves pretending to be more Christian than others. (Bush comes to mind)

In terms of prostitution, I would rate prostitutes having higher moral ground than Octomom. 🙂 At least they try to be self-supporting. Unless women in this country are given the same educational background as men, and given the same career opportunity as men, you cannot stop the existence of prostitution simply because it is the only mode of SURVIVAL for those less priviledged women, whom I feel sympathetic for.

There are always two sides to the same story. When choosing a word to describe the reality that “sometimes women trade sex for survival.” A Christian calls it “marriage”. A realist calls it “prostitution”. A smarter person calls it “a problem with the current educational system”.

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