The simplest way to unblock Facebook if your travelling in a country in which Facebook is blocked. This will work on a Mac, and is unbelievably easy. See how after the break.

First Step) Open up finder and press Shift Apple G all at the same time. This will open your go to folder. Another way to accomplish this is simply click any where on your desktop and press go on the top of your mac, then go to folder.

Then type /etc/ like shown in the photo, and press go.
How to unblock Facebook in Vietnam and China 1

Next scroll on down until you find your hosts file. Drag the hosts file to the desktop like shown.

How to unblock Facebook in Vietnam and China 2

Step 2) Modify your hosts file.

Open up the hosts file by double clicking the file.

Then add the text below. Simply copy and paste it.

Step 3) Save the hosts file.

So now just save the hosts file and drag it back into the /etc/ folder. Like shown below.

How to unblock Facebook in Vietnam and China 3

It will ask you to authenticate, so click authenticate. Then it will ask for your password, enter that and kaboom your done.

Step 4) Open up

Go to like normal but after .com add the country code for whatever country your in. For example Vietnnam = VN. So I will type in and press enter. It will then redirect me to the page shown below. Press continue…and boom you should either be in your one facebook account or you should be at the Facebook login page!

How to unblock Facebook in Vietnam and China 4

This trick just takes a minute, you don’t need to download anything and works asap. If you have a windows computer you can still modify your hosts files I just don’t know how you would do that, you can also download UltraSurf.