I used to have Samsung S4, S5, Motorola Droid, and it was quite nice. I love the experiences on it but except AT&T and all other carriers screwed up the experiences. Iphone is nice in its own way, but interm of saving you time and being very automated for every tasks, it suffers big time. Yesterday, I finally had it with old S4 because Samsung decided to start installing bunch of adsware on it making super slow to use. So I went out to get a Huawei Nova 3i phone. At first use, it definitely has wow me with many features such as Pro mode camera, 2 separate environments you can have one for personal and one for work like Samsung does on their phone but very easy tớ access using fingers authentication, face and fingers recognition, setting being super flexible, pretty design, fast, long lasting battery and lot more. One thing, I truly miss is being able tớ type both English and Vietnamese on the same keyboard and it knows which language or word I want to use.

It is an amazing phone. It’s also a plus when it only cost $250.