It has been awhile since I updated this blog.

Since little more than 4 years ago, after moving back to Viet Nam, life has changed quite a bit. There are so many changes for obvious reasons:

  • Change of location
  • Change of type of job
  • Life goals are different

Location change is the biggest. It sort of force me, not by choice, to change my thinking, way I have to see thing, perceive, communicate, live, eat, spend, how I use my time, how I learn, and basically, it changes everything I used to know.

I have to adapt and adapt quickly. It’s a world of unknown. I feel like a little child again – learning, getting use to and forcing things.

To sum it up – I have updated the design of this blog to serve the purpose to document and share my knowledge and experiences in Viet Nam so for those whose are new to Viet Nam as an Expat, or for those whose are not good with technologies can read and learn. I hope to share a lot about life, my job (business analyst, product manager, outsourcing and startup) and experiences that are unique and fun to read. There are a few important topics that we think we want to share since Vietnam is exploding in IT and Outsourcing. Therefor, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Product Owner and how to deal with outsourcing companies in Vietnam are extremely important. I will talk about what to do and what not to do to mitigate some of the issues you’ll be experiencing.

My wife and I will try to share as much as possible and hope you guys enjoy Viet Nam as much as I am (taking away all the struggles that you have to learn on your own will help with that).



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