Mia can make crazy good tasting Egg Tart now. So so good.

What and why are we human have to experience suffering for millions years to come 1


Looking at the picture, it reminds me of something else. We are now living in a different time. An amazing Darwin time – the strong survive.

I cannot imagine that one day, we oder food from mobile cellphone selling chain, or shoes seller chain, or make up selling chain.

Imagine you go to Home Depot, NewEgg, Toy R Us for your food shopping to get delivered.

Crazy time. Never thought that we all have to endure something as catastrophic as what we are going through now. Something that long lasting, something that changed everything we know of, something that change our human behaviors and way of life forever.

I guess, we all have to endure something painful and crazy, like our old generations, they went through war, depression, and lot of things. Now it is our turn.

Why? We caused it ourselves. It will never end. Every generation will have to. Why? As human. We are too greedy. We want to conquer the world. We have to use everything up. We have to take over everything. Kill everything in our path. We have to be the most powerful person, country or race on earth. But nature doesn’t allow us, but we will always try.

And the result is …. the same thing in every generation and everywhere.

I’m referencing … all the eras: Rome, Three Kingdom, Samurai, Hitler and etc …. Reading history and for thousand of years… we human go through the same repeated cycle.


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