If you’re using Pi Hole, it blocks every page and default to Pi Hole Admin page.  To be able to use any other sites/application on the same server (lighttpd or apache) without having to install 2 different servers.  You can use on the same server and same port 80 by simple do these steps below:

1) Add in /etc/lighttpd/external.conf the following

server.modules += ( “mod_alias” )

# Entering just “ipaddress/phpmyadmin/” into a browser redirects to “piserver/phpmyadmin/index.php”

$HTTP[“host”] == “pi.phpmyadmin” {

    $HTTP[“url”] == “/” {

        url.redirect = ( “” => “/phpmyadmin/index.php” )



Create or add in /etc/pihole/custom.list the domain and IP address

<IP address of your PI> pi.hole

<IP address of your PI> pi.phpmyadmin

Reboot your Lighttpd server / service.

You’re done.