1. Reduce uncertainty for others as much as you can.
    1. Uber killed uncertainty for finding a ride
    2. Amazon killed uncertainty for package delivery You can kill your boss’ uncertainty with timely project updates.
  2. The Company > The Role
  3. Take your assignment, however small or “unimportant”, and do it really well.
    1. Build a reputation as the person who consistently delivers quality work.
    2. As you build this reputation, you’ll get more opportunities, exposure, and your career success compounds
  4. If I can’t trust you, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.
  5. You’re the only person who is on your career journey.
    1. Not the company you work for.
    2. Not a manager you report to.
    3. Not a team you’re on or work with.
    4. It’s just you.
    5. Act like it in all your career decisions.
  6. 3 things that influence your career:
    1. What you do (job)
    2. Who you work for (customer)
    3. Who you work with (team) If you love your job, customer, and team. You’re very, very lucky.
  7. Marry somebody smart who inspires you to greatness.
  8. Either learn or earn. Or else quit and go where you can choose either of those two options.
  9. The answer to every question you do not ask is always No.
  10. Choose your boss.
    1. You have more power over who you work for than you think, and not enough people consider it during the interview process.
    2. A great boss can be rocket fuel for your development and your career.
  11. Learn to articulate the business benefits of what you do, not just your job title or tasks.
    1. Bad: “I’m a data scientist. I created 3 self-serve data applications”
    2. Better: “I helped our service line executives discover $23M of cost savings opportunity”
  12. A “career” is the marketing name for a particular category of dream that was sold to you by your educators, who happened to make lots of money selling said dream.
    1. Make money, take risks, have adventures.
    2. But don’t limit yourself by calling it a career.

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