Really cool mobile app to navigate Vietnam to shop and get services

I have been in Vietnam for 3 years already and it is hard to find anything. It’s hard if you like specific thing or something unique. I found difficult to buy anything that is not as normal/usual like egg or a normal chair. Let say you want a nice design of a chair, then it’s not too many furniture store. Then if you found one, it’s usually mom and pop store, which is tiny. If you find a bigger one, but they have 1-2 items for each type and then you have to look else where. So you have to drive all over town to find something nice. Then there is material and durability and so on. Supermarket here are not the same. They try to sell everything so they don’t have much selection on anything but they do have the usual suspects. You know, they don’t have something like Ikea or Home Depot’s or Fry’s Electronic store that you can find anything you like in that category. I find it very hard to buy anything so I buy normal stuff in store, then try to find on Lazada, but then they don’t have much also. Lately, I found this cool mobile app that built to have every shops – that they let shops upload products or services on there. And they have every stores in Vietnam. So no matter where you are, you can find what you want.
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