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People ask me “why do you like to vacationing in vietnam so much?”

I have no answer for them. I couldn’t come up with a good one, but all I can tell them is “I love vietnam”.

I went back to visit vietnam 3 times, and everytime, I get the same feelings or even more when I get back here in the US. I miss USA dearly. Someone once told me “It’s like coming back to the real world”. So what’s vietnam? A surreal world? Anything good? I keep thinking, but all I got are:
– People try to cheat you everywhere, and anyone will try
– Corrupted (seeing more and more every trip back)
– Beautiful (still beautiful and natural)
– Friendly people (see number #1)
– Very expensive to visit
– Long flight (19 hrs -24 hrs)
– Dirty, very dirty (food standard, and lot of dust – hard to breath, unless you’re in a city next to the ocean)
– Lot of traffic (and I live in Los Angeles)
– Hard to find anything real (anything)
– Music (lot of my favorite singers are still here or came from here and perform here every night)
– Vietnamese foods (lot of good foods, all kind of stuff that I can’t get it in the US)
– I do have lot of childhood memories there
– more … (see post #2 coming soon)

comment appreciated