vietnam visa

Guide to motorbike in Vietnam

vietnam visa

Back to Android phone

I used to have Samsung S4, S5, Motorola Droid, and it was quite nice. I love the experiences on it but except AT&T and all other carriers screwed up the experiences. Iphone is nice in its own way, but interm of saving you time and being very automated for every tasks, it suffers big time. […]

vietnam visa

After ONE year in Vietnam

In Vietnam, everyone is for themselves. It presents the most on the street when people are out and about. People don’t yield, they probably will run you over. There is no sense of “lá lành đùm lá rách”, the strong will survive and I am first. More to come…

vietnam visa

Cảm ơn (thanks)!

Cảm ơn cuộc sống vì đã cho tôi thật nhiều. Cho tôi sự thông minh để nhận biết sự thật. Cho tôi bản lĩnh cứng cỏi để vượt qua nghịch cảnh. Cho tôi một trái tim biết thương yêu chân thành. Cho tôi một lí trí biết đặt ra giới hạn cho mọi việc. Cho […]

vietnam visa

How to unblock Facebook in Vietnam and China

The simplest way to unblock Facebook if your travelling in a country in which Facebook is blocked. This will work on a Mac, and is unbelievably easy. See how after the break. First Step) Open up finder and press Shift Apple G all at the same time. This will open your go to folder. Another […]


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Going It Alone: How to Make Your Stuff In China

Adam Hocherman, 34, is an entrepreneur and founder of the consumer electronics company American Innovative in Boston, MA. Adam founded the company in 2003 with the help of the US Government’s SBA loan program and is currently the 100% owner. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from Cornell University. Adam’s […]

Easily boot from USB 2.0 drives on PowerPC Macs

— To upgrade OSX 10.4 on a iBook G4 and PowerMac G4 (both running Tiger) to Leopard 10.5 with only a DMG and USB drive — – Download/Install: Carbon Copy Cloner at [link:][link:] – Copy the DMG to the laptop – Connect a USB drive WITH external power source to the laptop – Using Disk […]

Strange poster

Strange poster

only in LA

Domino arts

Reporting the errors in data table results

Let’s say SAVE button disabled on application, so you get Object disabled error message when you run the script. There can be 2 possible solutions may be others can also give suggestion : 1) Writing a wrapper function like below which handles possible error scenario and carries of an action or returns back a message […]

Những lời chúc Tết đẹp

Xin chúc tất cả các đồng chí: dù thất bại hay thành công, dù lông bông hay đang làm việc, dù đang ăn tiệc hay ở nhà, dù già hay trẻ, dù đang sắp đẻ hay chưa có chồng, dù là rồng hay là tôm, dù đang bia ôm hay trà đá, dù có hút […]