One line of code

I often hear programmers say “it’s only one line” change. What can it possibly break? “Alot!” — post via iphone


Asian time

Tonight, i went to a birthday dinner and the funniest thing happened. Our group is 10 people and most us are asian, plus two whitties. The meeting time is 8pm, so I was a bit early. When i got there, 7 asians are already there. 10 minutes later 1 white girl got there, and then… Continue reading Asian time


Adding APN on iPhone for tmobile users

I upgraded my firmware to 2.2.0 and APN option is disappear in Setting menu. Thanks god, I found this site. It does it automatically, and took 5 seconds to work.


My Kobe IV customized shoe

[update on April Fool/1st] it came back, and i bought it. yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!! I’m so sad. I feel super duper sad that they don’t sell these anymore. I’m crying as I’m writing this post.



Vợ chồng ngồi nói chuyện: – Chồng: Lúc ngồi xe ôm, ôm cái thằng lái xe, bà có thấy thích không? – Vợ: Thích thú cái gì, chẳng qua để an toàn khỏi ngã thì phải ôm vậy thôi! – Chồng: Đó bà thấy chưa? Bà cứ nói bia ôm này nọ, bia ôm cũng… Continue reading ôm


Obama’s stimulus plan is stupid

what the hell is this? Then last Wednesday, President Obama pledged $75 billion so up to 9 million home-owners could avoid foreclosure. While unemployment will still dampen demand, housing starts are at their lowest level in 50 years, so any drop in foreclosures will significantly reduce supply. As we work through all the foreclosures on… Continue reading Obama’s stimulus plan is stupid