I wish I had a father to tell me

I grew up without a dad, so I wish someone could have tell me these things: 6. Go left The old man was an all-state basketball star in an all-white era. He taught me to shoot, pass and hustle. But in the drive-and-dish world of pickup hoops, what I needed was a left hand. When […]

Being Poor Can Damage Your Memory

Well, I finally figured out why my memory is not good lately! Poor children and teenagers have demonstrably worse memories than their middle-class counterparts. Researchers from Cornell University tested 195 poor and middle-class white 9- to 13 year-olds and discovered that there was a direct link between poverty, high blood pressure and stress hormones, which […]

A new perspective in life

I read quite alot, and most of my reading are online blogs/news/comments. I found them very interesting for what people really have to say about life. Since I grew up in a unique environment, so I don’t understand (a lot of) why people do and think certain way. The comment basically blew me away for […]

Amazing light show

Top Automation Testing blogs

Top 40 Automated Testing Blogs # Site / Author PR AR TR Cmts Links 1 Google Testing Blog (various) 5 219028 47930 112 8507 2 Performance Tidbits Rico Mariani 5 113248 31 16924 3 Scott Barber’s blog Scott Barber 4 72223 19683 4 Collaborative Software Testing Jonathan Kohl 5 404815 8838 5 Cem Kaner’s blog […]

Recession (scare) is gone!!!

Well, judging from how the stock market has gone up in the past few weeks, I think it’s safe to say “Recession is gone!”. We shouldn’t be worry about drop in home prices, layoff, or any crazy stuff that come with it. Let’s go out and spend that saving away. It’s good time to buy […]

Living and enjoying life

At this point of my life, most of my friends are married and have kid(s). They seem happy, but make it seems like lot of works. They really make me feel like I’m missing out of the happiness part of my life, but is it? I began traveling not too long ago after graduating from […]

IE8 Compatibility mode

Appearently, when Internet Explorer 8.0 came out, most websites aren’t compatible with it. So it kinda gives IT department a big headache when supporting this. To fix this, there are two solutions, but solution #2 seems to work better. Solution #1 In config file, copy & paste this text in. Solution #2 Put this in […]

How To Properly Import Trades From Scottrade And InteractiveBrokers

Why do I dread doing taxes every year? One of the main reason was having to figure out ways to import hundreds of transactions from my stock brokers: Scottrade and InteractiveBrokers. I love IB but come on, it’s 2008 and they still don’t provide .txf files to import into TurboTax (or TaxCut, but I use […]

When we were young, wild and super silly

Remember the old crazy fun day with family. We drank too much. Hahakaka — post via iphone

One line of code

I often hear programmers say “it’s only one line” change. What can it possibly break? “Alot!” — post via iphone

Asian time

Tonight, i went to a birthday dinner and the funniest thing happened. Our group is 10 people and most us are asian, plus two whitties. The meeting time is 8pm, so I was a bit early. When i got there, 7 asians are already there. 10 minutes later 1 white girl got there, and then […]