What should happen in an interview

On many occasions when meeting with potential employers, I have thought on how to communicate so that they can know who I am in a short 60 minutes or so. It is quite difficult, because there are so many topics to discuss and we both trying to understand each other.

There are many important topics to go into details and confirm, so how do we understand each other enough to agree to join force to go on to build great products or services for users and clients? In additionally, how can we come across as a great person, a wonderful employee and a great contributor to their organization in building their successes?

Perhaps, there are few topics that we must address in any interviews:
– Skill sets
– Ability to adapt
– Ability to complete the work in the most efficient ways
– Ability to communicate effective to any users or teammates

Otherwise, everything else is optional and could be trained or taught to fit in, such as:
– Technical knowledge
– Industry knowledge
– Understanding clients and/or users’ needs

On company side:
– Working processes
– Working culture: Communication, Openness, and Goals
– Team’s way of working
– Team’s culture
– Benefits

Once both sides have complete understand of each other, we can work toward company’s goals as the main objectives.